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Home Solutions To Remove Acne Scars

There are a number of easy to obtain, inexpensive, natural home remedies which can be used to remove acne scars. Whilst often overlooked by doctors, who tend to favor surgical acne scar treatment.
The first one that I ever tried was tea tree oil. This is proven to have a natural cleansing effect, and also has moisturizing properties which can improve the look of skin and smooth the appearance of acne scars. The great thing about tea tree oil is that it is gentle on the skin, and does not cause discomfort. Experts suggest that you use this over a long period of time, as its effects at removing acne scars are gradual and slow. I used tea tree oil for a number of weeks, and did indeed notice that it started to heal acne scars around my cheeks, but only slightly. Although I could notice the improvement, I do not think others would have, as my scars were still very visible.
Another very popular home acne treatment is olive oil. Not only does olive oil moisturize the skin, but it also provides the skin with nutrients which could over time heal acne scars. It helps to encourage new skin cell growth, and has been reported to have a drastic effect on getting rid of acne scars in some people. I have to say that this did not really do much for me, and my skin always felt quite oily (obviously) afterwards, which made me paranoid about causing an acne outbreak!
Probably my favorite method of all was lemon juice and water, and I used this as part of the holistic approach that finally removed my acne scars. Lemon juice has a tightening effect on the skin, which I found really reduces the appearance of acne scars on the skin over a period of just a couple of weeks.
Finally, oatmeal masks were recommended to my by another website I was reading as a good way to make acne scars fade. I researched online what it was supposed to do, but could not find much concrete evidence for it. I tried it out of course, as I was so desperate to find something to remove acne scars that actually worked, but I never noticed any positive changes.
There are probably hundreds of home remedies to remove acne scars, but what I really noticed was that several things had a small effect. This got me thinking that maybe combining lots of different techniques into one comprehensive holistic treatment might actually have a really powerful effect. Funnily enough, this is exactly the type of treatment that worked for me! Instead of focusing on just one treatment for acne scars, it was better to combine several.

Examples Of Natural Acne Scar Removal Treatments

Understandably, many people are seeking out natural acne scar treatments as opposed to considering surgery. In many cases, it is possible to remove acne scars using products that are found in the average home. The advantage of this is not only that it is kinder to your skin with less risk of collateral damage and other nasty side effects, but it also a lot kinder to your pocket. Examples of natural acne scar treatments include sandalwood oil, and black gram, and even mixtures of tomato juice and cucumbers. These simple, natural methods are proven to work, however patience and persistence is required. They are proven to work over time by gradually healing the skin and encouraging the growth of fresh healthy new skin cells.
It is understandable that someone trying out a treatment wants instant results, and many people will give up after just a few days. When I had my acne scars, I had a similar mindset, however in the case of the treatment that worked for me (Which was also natural) I had already seen the benefits and results in an ex work colleague of mine, so I did not need blind faith, since I could see that it worked.
My treatment to remove acne scars lasted for months, however I did notice improvements after just a few days, which gave me extra motivation to keep up with my routine. If you are looking for a way to remove acne scars, it is always a good idea to go on the recommendation of a friend you trust if you can. I always went with the mindset that I would not be afraid to try new things, as long as they were not dangerous.
At the end of the day natural is always best. Another example of this is weight loss, I actually considered surgery (which was dangerous and cost thousands of dollars) however a $300 elliptical machine was enough to help me get back in great shape!

Does Acne Scar Laser Treatment Work?

Traditionally, surgical methods designed to remove acne scars tended to be extremely painful, and not very effective. It was also expensive, so many people who wanted to remove acne scars could not afford it. In recent years, laser technology has really progressed rapidly, and lasers have been adapted for use in acne scar removal treatments. The use of lasers gives the doctor complete and precise control, and no blood is lost during the procedure. During acne scar removal, the laser burns off the skin cells in the scarred area. When these cells are burnt off, fresh healthy cells grow to replace them. The sheer precision of the lasers means that the surgeon is able to target only the acne scars, and not healthy skin.
Acne scar laser treatment is proven to remove acne scars, however it does not work for everyone, and the results can vary hugely. In some people it can make a real difference in appearance, however for some the results are negligible. The other major downside is that laser acne scar removal treatment is very expensive, putting it out of reach for most people.
I would love to hear from anyone who has tried acne scar laser treatment, so send me a message if you have tried it or know someone who has tried it. It was something I was saving up for; however I was fortunate enough to find a treatment to remove acne scars that worked really well for me, although I had to persist with the program for months to get the full benefit, whereas laser surgery can produce results far more rapidly. If you have a large enough budget, then it is definitely something to consider, however I have always preferred natural acne scar removal treatments over surgical ones.

How To Remove Acne Scars

Hi everyone, as this is my first post, I thought I would just write a brief introduction about the blog and me. If you are looking for information about how to remove acne scars, then you have come to the right place. I want to make this blog solely about helping people to remove acne scars permanently, so that they can get on with their lives. If you have already read the “about me” page, you will know that I suffered with acne throughout my teens, but thankfully as I got older, my acne outbreaks started to lessen. The problem with this was, I was left with some quite severe scarring. That is when I decided I would not quit until I found out how to remove acne scars, I wanted clear skin, and I was going to get it, no matter what.
In my quest to get rid of acne scars, I tried out pretty much every acne scar treatment I could find, most of which did absolutely nothing for me except drain my purse. I was desperately searching for an acne scar treatment that worked. One of the things that really surprised me about venturing online was just how many people there were out there that were suffering from the same thing. There must be millions of other people in the world who are looking for ways to get rid of acne scars. So if you are reading this blog, then you are not alone.
I hope you take the time to read all of the posts in my blog – I think it could save you a lot of time and money. You can see what treatments I used to try and get rid of acne scars, and which ones worked. What worked for me, may very well work for you too. I will write some more information about the acne scar treatments that worked well for me in another post.
Hopefully over a period of time, I can build up a really informative collection of articles and reviews as well as comments from other readers about the best treatments for removing acne scars. It would be great if we could help other people remove acne scarring and avoid wasting their time and money on scams and products that just do not work.

How To Remove Acne Scars – What Finally Worked For Me

If you are looking for accurate information about how to remove acne scars and achieve clear skin, then I am really glad you found my blog, and I would strongly suggest that you keep reading…
Because this blog is all about my quest to get rid of acne scars once and for all. You can read detailed information about all the things I tried, and the all things I learnt along the way. Discover what did not work for me, and what finally did work for me. Click here if you want to see what gave me the best results of all the things I tried
First a bit of background: For years I suffered from severe acne which started when I was just 12 years old. It started to clear up in my mid 20s, however the years of breakouts had left me with deep and severe acne scarring, mainly around my cheeks. The scarring looked really horrible and ugly, and made me extremely self conscious. I could not talk to guys, did not want to go out of the house, and was convinced that everyone was staring at me wherever I was… My confidence was rock bottom, and I felt like the ugliest girl alive. Life was not much fun, and I was getting really depressed. I just wanted to get rid of my acne scars and have clear skin, and it was annoying how my friends just took their clear skin for granted! I would have given anything to have skin like theirs…
I was so desperate to remove acne scars from my face, that I tried everything and anything. And spent a lot of money doing so… I tried loads of different skin creams, special diets, and loads of other remedies and strategies that were supposed to remove acne scars, but after months of following these programs, there was no noticeable improvement. If you have already searched for information on the internet about acne scar removal, you will know what I am talking about, most of the information is outdated, clichéd, and just does not work.
I also looked into surgical treatments, but really did not want to go down that route as I was scared it might make things worse! I was starting to think that I would never get rid of acne scars. Surprisingly my breakthrough came via a work colleague who I had not seen for about 8 months. When I had last seen her, she too was suffering from quite severe acne scars, although not as bad as mine.
We arranged to meet at a bar, and I was shocked when meeting her as her skin was so clear. Instead of being polite and asking about how she was, I immediately interrogated her on how she removed her acne scars so fast, and so completely! 🙂 Anyway, I do not think she was offended… She told me all about the course of acne scar removal treatment she had been following, and told me to give it a go. Having seen the results with my own eyes, I did not hesitate, and decided to give it a shot. I was really excited, but prepared for disappointment – maybe it would not work for me?
The treatment was a combination of several different approaches designed to treat acne scars, and many other types of scarring. These included natural creams and ointments, special massage techniques, diet changes as well as many other strategies. I started following the program to the letter  – I did not want any margin for error. I was thrilled to see that after just 1 week, the scars were fading and smoothing out, although they were still visible, but I was amazed at the improvement. Click here for more details on the treatment I used
I kept following the program, and just 6 weeks after starting, the acne scarring was virtually invisible unless you looked really close at it. That was 3 months ago, and I am still taking really good care of my skin and health, and my skin is getting better all the time. Although the program required a lot of time and effort to follow, and required a lot of dedication, I am so happy with the results. I do not get that horrible self conscious feeling when going out, I do not feel ugly, and I am generally just a lot happier with life.
Of all the acne scar treatments I tried, I guess it is telling that the one that worked best for me was also the one that required the most discipline, time, and effort to follow. I think that is an important point. A lot of internet sites promise a magic over night solution, however when you think about it, you cannot just remove acne scars overnight. If you want to learn more about the program I used you can click here to visit their website
I hope that you find this blog useful – have a look at the rest of my posts for my information on how to remove acne scars, and all the various acne scar treatments that are available.